Aperitivo Valentini is a low-alcohol Bitter obtained from the artisanal processing of 100% natural botanicals. Ideal for the preparation of quality long drinks and aperitifs.


Premium Bitter

ABV: 11% VOL

Bt Format: 1000ml

Aperitivo Valentini® is the ideal low-alcohol aperitif for the preparation of the best Spritz (Aperitivo Valentini 3 cl., Prosecco DOCG 6 cl., Selz 2 cl.) The taste of Aperitivo Valentini® is sweet and smooth with a slightly bitter finish and a fresh, orange flavour. It is perfect to be mixed with orange juice, tonic water, sparkling wine or used to prepare excellent cocktails. The nose reveals the scent of orange peel and balsamic roots. Aperitivo Valentini® is prepared naturally from the maceration of various carefully selected and blended roots and herbs.

"With Aperitivo Valentini the Spritz tastes better!"


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