This is the Valentini Distillery's range of essential Bitters obtained from the infusion and distillation of only natural herbs, roots, flowers, and plants. Handcrafted according to ancient botanical distillation and extraction processes inspired by the alchemical processes of Basilium Valentinus

The quintessence of Valentini's Opus Alchemica are the Alchemie, Essential Bitter with an alcoholic content of 43% aged in small oak barrels, bottled in 100 ml bottles with a glass top and numbered according to the predominant essence that characterises them. Valentini's Alchemies are Essential Bitters obtained from the maceration and subsequent distillation of 47 selected Botanicals that share the base of the 12 flavours; while in Achemia No.1 no addition is made, in the other 11 variants the distillate and infusion of the ingredient listed on the label is added in a characteristic proportion. Alchemie Valentini are handcrafted from only natural raw materials and without the addition of sugars, colouring agents or flavourings, they are the ideal ingredient for bittering and personalising the finest cocktails.

Original Bitter - Quinine - Sandalwood - Coffee - Chocolate - Walnut - Ginger - Basil - Orange - Grapefruit - Lemon - Plum.


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