Premium Italian Bitter handcrafted from only natural botanicals carefully selected and distilled according to the Valentini Distillery tradition


Premium Bitter

ABV: 25%

Bt Format: 1000ml

Valentini Bitter was reborn in a new guise in 2015, from the original 1954 recipe the bark of Quassia Indiana was replaced with that of Trentino Ash Tree, and the quinine was inserted in a completely natural form and not by chlorination. When sipped neat it is initially soft, and then leaves an intense and flavourful palate slightly embittered by the tannins of the infused wood. Presented at Aperitifs & Co. 2015 it was a huge success with the preparation of a Mi-To mixed in equal parts with Vermouth Riserva Superiore, without any other additions.

It finds enormous use in modern mixing as it can enhance broadly the aromatic bouquet without making the taste excessively bitter, a characteristic widely appreciated by the new clientele that chooses important blends even at the aperitif (such as MiTo, Americano and Negroni).


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