Limo® is characterized by a unique aroma of fresh lemon peel and a superb taste derived from the use of natural ingredients that literally proclaim it the Italian limoncello par excellence...



ABV: 25% VOL

Bt Format: 1000ml

The lemons are harvested at their optimal ripeness in early June and then slowly macerated for five weeks in pure grain alcohol; no artificial colourings or flavourings are used in the preparation. The result is a fine liqueur with a natural lemon yellow colour; it is characterised by delicate aromas of fresh, lively lemon flavours accentuated by careful acidity and a slight alcoholic warmth at the end.

The taste of Limo® is fresh, neither too sweet nor too sour. And perfect to enjoy after dinner, chilled or chilled, on the rocks, neat or blended into cocktails and long drinks. The nose is unmistakably and unmistakably revealing the true scent of fresh lemon grown in the Italian sun. Limo® 25% ABV.


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