Superior Reserve ruby red vermouth. Handcrafted with only natural botanicals and the highest quality wines from over-ripened grapes.


SUPER Premium Vermuth

ABV: 18%

Bt Format: 750ml

S. Romedio is the Vermouth Riserva Superiore produced by Distillerie Valentini 1872. It is the first Vermouth produced with wines obtained by over-ripening grapes (Moscato Trentino); the fermentation of the must is then interrupted by the addition of Valentini Brandy aged for more than 3 years. Gewurztraminer wine is also added and a very small amount of Teroldego and Lagrein to give it a ruby red colour. San Romedio is produced without the addition of sucrose (sugar) with the infusion of 33 carefully selected botanicals including: Artemisia Absinthium, nutmeg, cocoa beans, coffee beans, hyssop, marjoram, elderflower and chamomile flowers, cinchona, rhubarb, gentian, and angelica. Once the ingredients are combined, the product is aged in oak barrels that were previously used to age Brandy.

The very high quality of the wines used, and the careful preparation process mean that San Romedio, in addition to being used in high-end mixology, can also be enjoyed neat.


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